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Available Adults

This page is for our young adults and or retired adults available for adoption. These dogs are part of my breeding program so they will not be spayed/neutered until they have their new home. Females will vary in coat due to the fact they blow their coats after each heat cycle every 6 months. Once they are spayed their coats come in beautifully. 

IF you purchase an adult they will be spayed/neutered prior to leaving me. stitches come out 10 days after surgery. If pickup is delayed past the 10 days there will be a $20 a day boarding fee. If 60 days passes without purchased dog being picked up sale will be considered null and void with no refund. 

Please contact me about available adults 

Petra.   3 yr old.  4 .4 pds.   
Super sweet and happy.  
$1600 including spay dental & Microchip

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