Available Adults

This page is for our young adults and or retired adults available for adoption. These dogs are part of my breeding program so they will not be spayed/neutered until they have their new home. Females will vary in coat due to the fact they blow their coats after each heat cycle every 6 months. Once they are spayed their coats come in beautifully. 

       "Ruthie"        5 yrs old.       6 pds. 

Ruthie is offered as a pet. she will be spayed have an up to date dental and microchip. Ruthie is always happy no bad habits. loves everyone.



Tasha is 3 yrs old. She has an amazing double coat. Tasha is being offered as a spayed adult. She is a sweet girl laid back no bad habits. Tasha will use a pee pad or a doggie door.

$1500.00 Spay dental & microchip

"Layla"     1 yr old.      $1600.00

        Will be Spayed & Microchipped

"Hank"     Male    1 yr old    4 pds.

$1600.00 will be Neutered and microchipped

this is one sweet little boy

Kitty.    3 yr old.    spayed dental and vaccines


"Poppy"      1 1/2 yr old.          Female.       $1200.00

Poppy is super happy sweet & has an adorable personality. She loves everyone. She will use a pee pad or go out the doggie door to potty. 

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