when can my puppy go home?

 If you are purchasing a puppy charting 3 pounds or less it may be up to 14 weeks of age before puppy can travel due to size. Customers have the option of coming for a visit to pick up their puppy or we will deliver the puppy in person. Nearest airport is Alexandria, Louisiana.

Important! If you delay pickup past the puppies age of delivery or delay a delivery date due to payment arrangements holidays or vacations there will be a daily boarding fee! 

Delivery is available via our puppy nanny cargo depending on individual situation and what works best for the dog or puppy.. We transport the puppy/dog to our airport to meet the nanny. Once the nanny has possession of the puppy she will update you during travel via text messages. Our nanny flies on standby so there is possible delays involved and customers need to understand they must be flexible. We do all we can to make delivery in a timely matter but we do not have control over delayed or cancels flights etc. 

Delivery via puppy nanny is is $400.00 within the US excluding Hawaii delivery. Delivery via ago is $350.00 within US excluding Hawaii.

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