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  • All dogs/ puppies purchased must be examined by a veterinarian of your choice within 48 hours of possession. Any issues or concerns must be addressed with seller within 72 hours of taking possession of dog/puppy or sale is considered final with no claims or refunds 

  • We microchip our adults but do not guarantee they stay in place.

  • If a puppy is returned for any reason other then what is written in the guarantee/contract there will be no refund due to buyer. 

  • We care for our puppies/dogs according to our veterinarian recommendations and are not held responsible for discrepancies according to your veterinarian policies. Every vet has different policy and protocols. 

  • No puppy is held unless a deposit is received. All deposits are non refundable/non transferrable. 

  • If you receive a puppy/dog and you are not satisfied it is your responsibility to return the dog/puppy to us at your expense. Please see guarantee/contract for further information.

  • Once a puppy/dog is returned to seller the buyer has no rights to reclaim puppy/dog.

  • If buyer does not pay for puppy at agreed upon date puppy will be forfeited as well as any moneys deposited. 

  • If buyer poses as a pet buyer and is found to be a breeder in disguise puppy and monies deposited will be forfeited.

  • We do not place male puppies in homes with intact females nor do we place females in homes with intact males. You must provide proof all pets are spayed/neutered to adopt a puppy/dog.

  • If you do not fill out a guarantee/contract all sales are final and no guarantees apply to sale. 

  • IF you purchase an adult he/she will be neutered/spayed priorate leaving here. dog should be picked up 10 days after surgery. If you do not pick up your dog at scheduled time there will be a $20 daily boarding fee until you do pick up your purchased dog. If 45 days passes and you have not made arrangements to pick up your dog the sale will be forfeited with no refund and the dog will again be made available.

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