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health guarentee Information

We do not guarantee against hypoglycemia as it is your responsibility to make sure your puppy eats! You are also required to take your puppy/dog to the vet within the first 48 hrs of possession. If there is a problem I must be contacted immediately.  A contract must be signed on each puppy/dog purchased.

I do NOT guarantee a puppy to be show quality unless I promote it at show quality.  We have show quality dogs and we produce show quality puppies, however if you want a guarantee on a puppy to be show quality there is a contract and a show quality price with Full AKC . With this agreement if the puppy you purchase does not turn out I WILL make sure you get one that does. A contract does apply. I reserve the right to refuse sale to any prospective customer that does not comply with our policies.

We give all our own vaccinations except rabies which is given via our veterinarian. We vaccinate according to the protocols under the advisement of our veterinarian. We do not guarantee to be in line with your veterinarians protocol's.  All veterinarians do not have the same protocol. Once you receive your puppy/dog you have the choice to align with a veterinarian of your choice. 

We welcome visitors! Our dogs are lovingly cared for under Veterinarian supervision and instruction. We spare no expense in caring for our furkids. Visitors are welcome to come see the environment in which our furkids are raised and cared for. 

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