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Caring for a chihuahua puppy can be quite different than caring for other breeds. Chihuahua puppies are prone to developing hypoglycemia, if you don't care for them properly. Caring for a chihuahua puppy is fun and generally rewarding but you've got to be dedicated and work at it.

Teacup Chihuahuas aren't a separate breed of dog, but are regular Chihuahuas who are exceptionally small.  If you choose one of these adorable little guys as a pet, you should take special care should to ensure their health and safety. Read up to learn how to care for a tiny Chihuahua prior to adopting one. Once you get your new puppy home it is YOUR responsibility to be sure it eats!!! Puppies get stressed out during travel and adjusting to their new home.. This does NOT mean I sold you a sick puppy! It can however become sick if it does not eat. This is all part of having a tiny Chihuahua that you have insisted you wanted. Expect there to be sacrifices for the new baby in your home.

Feed your chihuahua puppy several times a day to prevent hypoglycemia. Hypoglycemia is a condition that occurs when a dog's blood sugar levels become too low. Chihuahua puppies are prone to this condition because they are so small. Feed the puppy high-quality puppy food three times a day and monitor its behavior frequently for signs of hypoglycemia. Symptoms include weakness ,shivering, andlethargy. Check the gums to be sure they are pink and not white. Advanced stages of hypoglycemia can cause seizures before lapsing into a coma, which sometimes can be followed by death.

Nutrical is good to keep on hand and can be given every 2 hrs as needed.. It is important that the puppy gets water following this administration either on its own or by syringe if necessary. I like to give a 1cc of nutrical followed by 2cc of water. Honey can also be given. Whether administered the same as nutrical or can be drizzled over food or rubbed on gums if the puppy does not want to take it on its own.

We recommend that you try to make the first few days together with your puppy as calm as possible, and remember that this is a traumatic time for your puppy. A puppy will play till it drops. It may play so much that it is too tired to eat. Please be cautious not to over tire your new baby. You must remember that puppies eat very small amounts, yet they exert large amounts of energy. It is always a good practice to offer a can puppy food first thing in the morning and right before bedtime.

I am extremely cautious when it comes to our tinies. They do not leave here until I feel they are ready. Which means they are healthy happy and eating well. A puppy will not leave here until it has has atleast 1 vaccine.  That being said we try to keep our vaccines on a regular schedule but I do take in consideration each puppy individually. If I feel the puppy is not ready for a vaccine then I will postpone giving one. Vaccines are sometimes hard on the tiny puppies so I may not have them on the normal vaccine regime. I understand that veterinarians have strong opinions about such things but they do not typically raise tiny puppies on a daily basis as I do. If a puppy is weaning and not eating as well as I would like I am certainly NOT going to add to the issue by giving a vaccine just to adhere to a general regime that is generic for all dogs of all sizes. These tiny puppies are not the same as a baby rottweiler.

Please understand that when the puppies leave here they have been wormed and vaccinated but puppies and dogs can harbor issues that are not seen until stress brings it out. Stress such as traveling to a new home can bring out hidden issues that may not be seen prior. We do all we can to ensure you a healthy puppy. These issues are easily addressed when taken to your vet immediately after receiving your puppy for its wellness checkup..

I do require a signed contracts this is for your protection as well as mine. Our rules are strictly adhered to. You must take your puppy in for its initial visit within 48 hours. Otherwise contracts are null and void!

We want to bless you with a healthy happy puppy.

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